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Qualcomm is hiring intern in our Hsinchu office now! We plan to hire 30+ students in Jan., 2019 and openings are listed below 台灣高通2019年實習生招募中!預計上班時間為2019年寒假,職缺如下:



Requirements 招募需求:

  1. Candidates must be students. 實習期間須為在校生。
  2. Target students are from Master of Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering.歡迎電機電子、物理、材料、化工、工業工程管理等科系之碩班學生應徵。
  3. Commitment of at least 3 month internship working not less than 20 hours per week. 實習時數每周至少20個小時,為期三個月以上。
  4. Please submit your English resume and transcript to TaiwanCampus@qti.qualcomm.com請將您的英文履歷和成績單寄至


Feel free to contact us at if any question.