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107學年度第一學期外籍生獎助學金(Financial Aid)自107年10月29日(一)開始申請,繳件截止日為107年11月02日(五)16:00止


107學年度第一學期外籍生獎助學金(Financial Aid)


107學年度第一學期外籍生獎助學金(Financial Aid)自107年10月29日(一)開始申請,
給斐安(Amber Chen)即可。


外國學生獎學金(Financial Aid)內容不包含免學雜費,也沒有補助每月生活費,學生


2018 Fall Financial Aid for International Student Scholarship at Taiwan Tech

2018 Fall Financial Aid Scholarship application starts from October 29th to
16:00, November 2nd 2018

Please check carefully to the below eligibility and application deadline
before you submit the documents:


1. A full-time international student, who has completed at least one
semester in Taiwan Tech.
2. Students who have already received NTUST Scholarship (including full
scholarship, partial scholarship and tuition waiver), Taiwan Scholarship and
scholarship from hometown government are NOT eligible to apply this

Time to file an application:

1. The deadline is on Friday, November 2nd by 16:00.
2. Please download the application form at:
3. Please read through the guideline carefully before you file the
4. Please submit your application to the Office of International
Affairs (IB402) before deadline.

Application Result:

1. Application result will be announced online and via email to all
applicants by end of November.

2.      OIA will contact awarded applicants for further scholarship

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship eligibility or
application process, please contact Amber Chen at