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Job Title : Plant Manager廠長


Job Responsibilities:

  1. To lead and manage all Plant operation including manufacturing, operational excellence, materials, quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and Human Resources.
  2. Ensure plant operations efficiency consistent with operating plans, budgets and product quality standards.
  3. To review and approve plant improvement work for plant optimization to improve production and cost.
  4. Monitoring plant efficiency in accordance with company standard operating procedures.
  5. Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and requirements and act as a liaison with government officials on various issues or opportunities.


  1. 負責管理廠區生產,包括製造、營運、產量、環境、健康、安全、人資等事務.
  2. 依據營運計畫與預算, 有效執行生產活動及達到設定的品質標準.
  3. 審查與推動工廠最增改案促進生產最佳化以改善生產效益及降低成本.
  4. 監督工廠作業遵循標準作業程序.
  5. 確保所有生產作業皆符合法規規定及要求,面對問題時與相關政府機構人員溝通.




  1. Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in Chemical Process Plant, Environment with at least 3 years in Managerial Capacity.
  2. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  3. Knowledge and experience in organizational effectiveness and operations management implementing best practices.
  4. Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing complex operations, major projects or initiatives.
  5. Strong leadership and motivational skills and the ability to develop leadership qualities in others
  6. Oil & Gas or Petrochemical plant management experience
  7. Project experience is preferred
  8. Chemical engineering or related profession Degrees


  1. 10年以上化工廠經驗,環安至少3年以上管理相關經驗.
  2. 良好溝通協調能力
  3. 組織能力佳及實務管理經驗
  4. 領導及激發員工能力
  5. 石油與天然氣或石化廠管理經驗
  6. 相關項目經驗優先考量
  7. 化學工程或相關專業學位.


Job Title       : Production Manager (生產經理)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. 產品生產(品質、成本、績效、產量、環境、設備保養)工作督導.
  2. 產品生產操作品質異常之原因追查與改善.
  3. 產品之生產計劃、污染防制、環保、環境改善執行督導.
  4. 工廠各單位使用之Utility充分穩定供應及相關工作之協調.
  5. 生產設備操作及轉動設備維護保養、維修、停修等工作管理監督與查核.
  6. 人員訓練計劃之規劃與執行.
  7. 專案與增改案之規劃與執行.


  1. 大學以上化工或工程相關科系畢.
  2. 5年以上大型化工廠生產管理經驗.
  3. 具建廠經驗佳.
  4. 溝通協調能力佳


Job Title: Chemical Engineer化工工程師

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Create/maintain process, safety, and environmental documentation, including process flow diagrams, operating instructions, management of change (MOC) forms, etc.
  2. Interact with support groups to develop and implement solutions to product, process and equipment problems.

3.  Assist manufacturing in identifying improvements related to raw material yields, capacity, energy, quality, product safety and the environment.

4.  Work closely with area personnel to monitor and improve the efficiency, output, quality and safety of the unit.

5.  Guide & mentor production technicians.

1. 開發/維護處理,環安文件包含作業流程、操作說明、MOC格式更改等

2. 與各相關單位同仁合作針對產品、製程及設備等問題提出解決方案.

3. 協助製造部門在原料良率、產能、能源消耗、品質、產品安全與環境改善等方面可改善之處.

4. 監督生產操作人員改善生產效率、產量、品質與工作安全等事項.

5. 指導生產技術人員.


1.  Possess at least Bachelor Degree, Engineering or equivalent.

2.  At least 2-5 years of experience working as a Chemical Engineer.

3.  Strong communication skills, both oral and written.

4.   Strong decision-making and problem solving skills.

5.   Ability to work on and balance multiple assignments and priorities.


  1. 有學士學位,工程或同等學歷.
  2. 至少25年化工經驗
  3. 良好溝通能力
  4. 執行與解決問題能力
  5. 工作上分配上能優先順序處理.