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ChE. overview

Chemical Engineering Department of NTUST, established since 1978, has been a well-built organization in the family of Taiwanese ChE educational institutes. The chemical engineering training of NTUST interfaces with chemistry, materials science, biology, electrical and civil engineering, emphasizes both of basic and practical aspects in education following the university traditions.

NTUST ChE department offers a two-year program and a four-year program at undergraduate level. The two-year program accepts qualified students graduated from junior technical colleges. The four-year program accepts top students from vocational schools. To receive a Bachelor degree, fulfillment of 72 credits is required for a student enrolled in the two-year program, and 136 credits for a student in the four-year program.

NTUST ChE department initiated its graduate program of the master degree in 1979, and the PhD degree in 1983. The master degree requires 24 credits in course work and 6 credits in thesis research. The PhD degree requires 18 credits in course work beyond the master level and 12 credits in thesis work.

NTUST ChE department is devoted to enhance the chemical engineering knowledge through vast range of research based on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Academic research and industrial research targeted on specific applications are both emphasized.